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World’s Most Successful Bettors

A look at some of the most successful bettors in the world

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The world of sports betting is definitely an exciting one. Most sports bettors bet for fun, and in all honesty, most of them end up losing more money then they earn. However, there is another aspect of sports betting too. For some, sports betting is not about fun and all business. These bettors have managed to carve out professional careers in sports betting.

In this feature, we are going to look at such bettors, who made it big in the betting world.

William T. ‘Billy’ Walters

William Walters is arguably the most successful and notorious bettor in betting history. He’s enjoyed a 40-year professional career in betting, and he is said to have made more than $300 million on the stock market, real estate, and sports betting. He used to be an alcoholic car salesman before he ventured into betting, and no one actually knows the secret behind his success.

However, all hasn’t been well with Walters as he was convicted of insider trading in 2017. He was fined $10 million and given a five-year prison sentence.

Bob Voulgaris

Bob earned a reputation for his success betting in basketball in the 90’s. It is reported that during his heydays, he was winning in millions every day. Bob managed to take advantage of the simplistic nature of the NBA betting in the 90’s and made a lot of money out it. He was also popular for predicting the next moves of famous NBA coaches Jerry Sloan, Eddie Jordan and Byron Scott. Bob is also a decent Poker player, and he has made a significant amount of money in this game.

John Price

Price is one of those bettors who has a degree in Mathematics from NYU. He is also an expert in statistics, and he uses his knowledge of numbers to make profitable bets. Price mainly deals in the handicap market, and he also appears on various radios shows with his betting tips.

Tony Bloom

Undoubtedly, Bloom has to appear in this list. Bloom, nicknamed the Lizard, has made his money from professional poker, sports betting companies and start-ups. Amazingly, Bloom has made enough money to be an owner of a Premier League club – Brighton & Hove Albion.

Bloom has admitted that he has been a fan of betting and soccer since he was seven. This is the perfect definition of living your dream.