Thailand Online Gambling Market Overview

Thailand Online Gambling Market Overview With Infographic

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Have you ever been to Thailand? Well, this capital city of Bangkok is highly popular for its enchanting islands that attract thousands of tourists every year. Apart from that, the gambling scene in Thailand including the gambling legislation and authorities in Thailand can be very strict.

The officially sanctioned national lottery and horse racing in Thailand are widely popular among Thai players. It was in the year of 2003, the national lottery was started.

When it comes to Thailand, there are many things related to Thailand gambling in general that we do not know of.

As far as gambling law in Thailand is concerned, then despite the ban, people are still involved in offline and online gambling opportunities. Any kind of debt is unenforceable by the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code.  To keep a check on gambling activities in Thailand, the government’s Ministry of Information & Communication Technology has set rules and made it compulsory to track websites with Thailand IP addresses.

You might be excited to know about the currency involved in all gambling activities in Thailand? All the gambling activities in Thailand are carried out using Thai Baht. Payments are made based on various types of credit cards including Entropay as prepaid cards.

Though many Thai citizens are dodging using VPN services in the present, the Thai government is putting controls on the web to stop illegal gambling practices.

No matter how stringent the gambling rules are in Thailand, it has been found, some of the citizens are still managing to gamble using sites.

There is a lot more to know about the prevailing gambling trends in Thailand. Therefore, the infographic below should provide you with a clear picture of the stats, facts, and figures associated with the Thailand online gambling market:


Thailand Online Gambling Market Infographic


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