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How is fraud detected in online casino games?

How to stay away from fraud while playing online casino games

How is fraud detected in online casino games?

The Gambling industry takes stringent measures to counter fraud, and the same can be said about online casinos. These frauds can happen on both sides of the table.

At one hand, many customers try to dupe online casinos or fellow gamblers by applying various tactics. While there have also been instances of casinos themselves involving in malpractices.

Hence, we talk about how is fraud detected in online casino games in this feature. We look at both sides of the coin and provide you tips on how to pick a casino that will safeguard your interests against all frauds.


That’s a fundamental step to start with. All online casinos should be using 128-bit or 256-bit encryption to safeguard users’ information. Your job is to make sure to pick an online casino which has this feature.

Gaming Licenses

There are various agencies which regulate online casinos. Most online casinos mention the certificates from multiple agencies at the bottom of their pages. Some casinos have also acquired certifications from various tech firms who specialize in online fraud detection and safety.

Presence of such approvals lend to the credibility of a casino, but these are not enough. Different areas would have regulatory boards.

For example, most European casinos are regulated by authorities based in the UK, Malta, and Gibraltar, while the US online casinos have to adhere to different laws in different states.

Some countries like Costa Rica have earned a bad reputation as it has a lot of untrustworthy online casinos registered in the country.

Privacy Policies

Never forget to read the privacy policies of a casino before signing up with it. Some casinos might rent or sell your personal information to third-party vendors, and you don’t want that.

Hence, always pick an online casino which promises to keep your information private.

Random Number Generators

Many casinos games run on in-built algorithms which don’t need any external input. These algorithms involve random number generators to make the results completely random.

Now, the only way to hack these games is to hack the algorithm. Many casinos put badges on their websites if their algorithms pass required tests.

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