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Double Chance Betting Explained

Watch this video from Betting Guru series to learn Double Chance betting

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Do you know about double chance betting? Or ever heard about (1X/12/X2)?

In this video from Betting Guru series, let’s dive into what and how betting strategy works.

Let’s begin with the basic introduction and know how double chance betting helps bettors to earn more.

The double chance betting strategy brings great opportunities to beginners and professional punters to gain rewards at less risk.

In every soccer match, this type of betting will offer more chance of winning. Here, you get a chance to place a bet on two out of three possible outcomes i.e. win, draw or lose.

Now, we are going to discuss the double chance betting options to make it more clear to you.

• Home or Draw (1X)

Here, your chances of winning the bet are based on home team’s win or if match draws.

• Away or Draw (2X)

Secondly, you will only win in case of away team will win the match or if it’s a draw.

• Home or Away (12)

No matter which team wins, but no draw situation can make you win the bet.

Furthermore, you must know about the two different types of double chance betting: Low-Risk Profiteering and Underdog Hunting. The first type will help you make money while playing safe, whereas choosing the latter can be an ideal choice if you implement it in the right manner.

Before you rely on double chance betting, be sure about the benefits it offers. As you place a bet on two outcomes, so obviously your chances of winning will be doubled.

In this video, you learn about double chance betting options. For better results in betting, start placing a perfect football bet with tips provided in our previous videos.