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Biggest Winning In Online Betting History

A look at some of the biggest wins in online betting

The biggest wins in online betting history

It’s a common sight, especially for sports fans, to see betters make thousands & millions of dollars in online betting. Every year, multiple posts depicting these wins go viral on social media, leaving millions of other fans writhing in jealousy.

It’s not an easy task to strike such a big win in betting, and it takes a mix of skills and luck. Accumulators are a fun way of making big in sports betting.

An accumulator is a mix of multiple bets in which your winnings get accumulated after every win. However, even one wrong bet can ruin your otherwise promising-looking accumulator.

Accumulator Jackpots

Accumulators are more prevalent in the UK and among soccer fans. Following are some example of bettors getting rich with accumulators.

Steve Whiteley, a plumbing engineer from the UK, won £1.45 million from a mere £2 bet on a six-way accumulator in March 2011. This win is regarded as the biggest accumulator win in the history of sports betting.

Yorkshire-based Fred Craggs needed only a 50p bet to make a million from his accumulator. The 60-year-old rightly predicted an eight-way accumulator from horse races around the globe. His actual winnings stood at £1.4 m, but William Hill capped the winning at £1 m.

A better from a tiny village in Malta grabs the next spot on our list. This win took place in November 2011, when bettors suffered tremendous losses on one particular weekend. Bookmaker William Hill suffered the biggest setback and had to pay a £585,000 pay-out on an 80p bet. The bet was placed on a 19-way accumulator, and astonishingly, it came true for the punter.

Mick Gibbs, of the UK, has a reputation for winning accumulators. His first big win gained him £157,000 in 1999. However, his real moment of fame came in 2001, when he correctly predicted 15 matches to win £500,000 on 30 pence bet. He won the entire at incredible odds of 1,666,666.

Biggest ever win?

The award of the biggest online betting win should go to famous punter Bill Walters. He famously backed New Orleans, who were considered as underdogs, in the 2010 Super Bowl with a $3.5 million bet. Ultimately, New Orleans won the game, and Walters walked off with a vast sum. The winning amount is not public knowledge, but we can assume that it’s the biggest win in the sports betting.


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