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Betting in basketball game is not only interesting, but it’s also straightforward once you get the hang of it. If you are already familiar with the ins and outs of betting on football, then this should be a breeze for you. There are plenty of betting markets for you to choose from – over/under, money line bets, etc. You can even place bets on outrights or players.

Here are some that of the most common market betting in basketball.

Money line

Money line betting is the most popular betting market when it comes to basketball, mostly due to its simplicity. It involves placing a bet on a team that you think is most likely to win the match. With money line betting, most of the times, you have a 50% chance of winning, of course, the game doesn’t end in a draw.

Handicap Betting

This type of betting can be seen as a more exciting version of the traditional money line betting. It involves a favourite and an underdog, which the bookkeeper will determine. Both teams are assigned a + and – value, and one of them is given a handicap. Say that’s there is a match between team A and team B. Team A is the stronger of the two. Most would place their bets on team A. But with this type of betting, team A is given a – 10.5 handicap. In this situation, if one were to bet on team A, they would have to win by 11 points to make a profit.

Total Betting

Also known as totals, this is another popular betting method. With this type of wager, the bookmaker usually predicts with regards to the total combined score at the end of the match. The bettor decides whether the actual score would overshoot or fall below the predicted score.


Parlays are also common in the world of basket betting. With parlay betting, you make individual bets on two or more games. To make a profit, you must win each bet. The more outcomes or odds that you wager on, the larger the profit will be if you win in the end. You can bet on 2, or even ten games, but this also substantially increases the risk involved. When it comes to a parlay, the payoff is high, but the risk is too.

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